martedì 29 maggio 2012

The interface between Arduino and Android works!!

Just to give an International “dress” today I decided to write the post in English or maybe it’s better to say something similar to English  J Unfortunately it’s not my mother tongue so please be patient!!

Now let's come back to the aim of this post:
After installing on Arduino the Bluetooth shield I made the first test  “on the road”.. Yes the previous test has been made at home without the real connection to the sensors, without noise coming from the PWR etc, so I was worried by the fact I would have face some troubles. Thanks to God all the stuff starts working without problems except for an analog pin that seems to be conflicting with something.. At the moment I simply switched that pin to another analog pin, later on I will check what’s going wrong.

 In this video you will see
- how the connection has been implemented
- Data displayed in real time on the mobile phone (via Bluetooth)
- Data are stored on disk to give the opportunity to make a analysis later


4 commenti:

spuzzete ha detto...

Hi man!You are doing a great job!Very cool!
You are right to be proud!This development is a HUGE thing for anyone that has an electric vehicle!The uses could be endless!Question: how are you going to decode the log file?Do you have a program on your pc?

CCriss ha detto...

Thank you very much Spuzzete!!

Today I simply import the log from Excel and then I make graphs rather than queries to get the values I need (e.g.: max ampere vs voltage). The file has been structured to allow an easy import (value are comma-separated)

In the future I think I will implement the DB feature to store in a more structured way data and optionally I think I can develop the ability to upload in internet on request the log..

Celio Regoli ha detto...

Bellissimo! Finalmente ho trovato qualcuno che ha fatto ciò che volevo fare appunto con arduino.
Ho già lo shield multiplexer e per ora uso un partitore ma ovviamente non è preciso perchè io misuro 27 automobile elettrica.
Ho persino la bici con arduino che fa tutto,gestisco pure il motore e quindi la tua idea sul telefonino è bellissima per me così vedrei bici e auto .
Quando mi metterò all'opera , forse avro bisogno di qualche consiglio.

CCriss ha detto...

Ciao Celio, in effetti vado orgoglioso della interfaccia, ci ho perso un po' di tempo, ma ne è valsa la pena... Io lo uso per loggare i dati di Arduino, prima mi toccava farlo con il portatile e prova a immaginare quanto fosse scomodo sullo scooter:-(
Hai un'auto elettrica,complimenti ,hai un link per vederla che sono curioso? Tu che celle stai usando?Io avrai forse visto,uso le 20 Winston LiFePO4 da 40AH e ci ho fatto quasi 12.000Km