venerdì 22 marzo 2013

DIY open source WattMeter and more

Hello everyone, I hope to please you by providing software and diagrams to make your own monitoring system for electric scooter.

Arduscooter is the system I made  to read several data required to monitor the scooter:
-Kw instantaneous
- KwH x trip
- AH x trip
- KwH historical (of ever)
- AH historical (of ever)
- Temperature 
- Battery Temperature  
- KmH
- Km x Trip
- Km historical (of ever)

There are two buttons, the first reset the partial data (trip), while the second allows you to switch the display. The switch overtake the limit of LCD 16 char x 2 lines which is small compared to the data that can be shown, so the button provides access to additional info.

Data marked as historical and Trip are values ​​that are stored in EPROM, so once you turn off Arduino the data will be saved in memory.

To run the program, just use the Arduino IDE, I used version 22, then follow the simple 2 step below

A) load the program set1volta_EEPROM.pde. Used to map the memory area in which the program then writes the actual data.

B) Load the program AmpVoltScoot_1_0_eprom_BT.pde

AmpVoltScoot_1_0_eprom_BT.pde also contains specific code to operate the transmission of data via BT, data captured with my cell phone using Android application that writes to disk then lets you make detailed analyzes. 

You can change / use the software at your own discretion.

Here you will find the software and a log file produced limited

Please see to the wiring diagram for the HW, in that post I had already given everything you need to make connections to the Arduino, with this program you should be fine :-)

PS: The code I wrote was not created to be pretty well organized, so unfortunately it is not easy to be read, consider that I made it in my spare time and without keeping too care about the code , but 'it works! I use it for more than a year and I'm quite happy, is not a professional tool, but it's a true DIY, do not complain. If you do not like the code you can always change it, right?

Of course I decline all responsibility for damages to property and / or persons determined by the  partial or total use of this project.

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